Project _ After School Redesign

It's an after school team that serves nature science and online courses at Taiwan. The original website was old-fashion and out of focus on its target audience.
Therefore I redesigned it for fitting the function and connecting its target audience.


  • In 2005, a good website is like an encyclopedia which contains a variety of service we can imagine. But now, if we don’t offer clear and simple website functions, we can’t attract the users who flooded by the mass information. Hence, with the ambition to online courses and traditional ones, Wang-Yu Nature Education Afterschool team builds this website not only conveys the image of education-leader but also establishs a link between traditional teaching and online one.


  • Redefine the TA, establish the brand image.
  • Offer a simple and extensible front-end framework.
  • Assure users of same experience on different devices.
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